Notary Aces · ENGLISH

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by Ricardo Rodríguez

Includes material and video explanation (almost 40 minutes long) with great detail of Notary Aces, one of the masterpieces of Ricardo Rodríguez. Available in Bicycle Rider Back cards with blue back and red back.

I have always been in love with the Ace Assembly effect. After having studied a good number of the published versions, I finally developed the one you have in your hands now. Notary Aces possesses several characteristics that rarely co-exist in a single version: it is powerful, practical, direct, has a method that resists the most meticulous analysis and, what is more, it is angle proof. Do not be surprised if, after trying it once in public, it becomes part of your repertoire for good.

—Ricardo Rodríguez

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No matter how much we tell you that this is the best Ace Assembly in existence, you will not believe it until you see it (you may think that these are statements we use to sell, you may say who knows what…):

And now that you have seen it, if you want to understand why it is the best, you can get the explanation and the material. We say it for your own sake, what’s in it for us? Just so you can see that we are not the only ones saying it:


I don’t know anyone as perfectionist and nonconformist when it comes to studying an effect as Ricardo Rodríguez. His approach to the classics is respectful, always remaining faithful to the spirit of the trick and without perverting it, but at the same time personal and innovative. I met Ricardo over twenty-five years ago and even then he had a self-demanding and non-conformist attitude that bordered on obsessive. Precisely in one of our first meetings he made us an ace assembly, his version of the “Aces in Excelsis”. Although we already thought it was a marvel, due to that nonconformism, in the following years Ricardo has been studying, changing and polishing different variations of the “slow aces”, going through all kinds of approaches, methods and subtleties, until reaching his current “Notary Aces”, undoubtedly one of the routines where its author has poured more love, hours and intelligence and also undoubtedly my favorite trick of his entire repertoire. I have always thought that the classic ace assemblies, where the aces are shown gathered simultaneously at the end of the trick are superior to the “slow” ones, where the appearances of the aces are revealed one by one. Always… with two exceptions: “Caroline’s Aces” by Gabi Pareras and precisely the routine you are about to study, “Notary Aces” by Ricardo Rodríguez. A perfect piece that has all the ingredients of magical power, clarity and cleanliness that make it memorable, impossible and fascinating for the spectator. Here, in the denouement of the trick, unlike most versions, the last journey is the strongest both dramatically and methodologically. Which will make, as Ricardo says, your audience feel the astonishment: extreme amazement that suspends reason… and speech.

—Joaquín Matas


Ricardo Rodríguez once again proves with this trick why he is a real master. His “Notary Aces” are my all-time favourite «slow aces»: a gem in his repertoire and, in my opinion, a masterpiece of construction. I have seen Ricardo present them to audiences on many occasions and I can assure you of the strong impact they always produce. An assembly whose effect is produced with a meridian clarity that results in pure magic. And, beyond the trick itself, I recommend it because the study of this routine and Ricardo’s details will make you a better magician.

—Woody Aragón


Suppose we don’t see him do it, let’s leave aside the exquisite hand, the timing and the well-chosen and personal words. Suppose we are reading it anonymously and only access the method and the construction. Well, by doing just that —reading only the “recipe”— we will be able to understand that we are in front of one of the most powerful and beautiful versions of this classic. I repeat, powerful and beautiful, and I add: intelligent, exquisite and susceptible (now I hear Gabi’s voice, so in love with Ricardito, saying it) of slow execution.
But now, add to the “recipe” the possibility of seeing Ricardo Rodríguez presenting and explaining it with absolute thoroughness and you will be grateful for having bought this classic of magic and of Ricardo.
I know my subjectivity is evident (Ricardo is one of my favorite magicians), but I don’t care: I am sure that when you watch this video, you will think the same as I do.

—Roberto Mansilla


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Ricardo Rodríguez

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Benjamín Cáceres “Benja”

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Carlos Vinuesa


Irene López

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