Who are we?

IRENE LÓPEZ is an animator and illustrator. She has participated in numerous projects, such as short films, documentaries and exhibitions, as well as advertising work for various clients. Her illustrations have been part of fairs and books. By the way, she is an avid and meticulous reader; she has worked translating and correcting texts and yes, if you are a writer and you forgot a comma once, she has seen it (and didn’t like it...). His training in animation includes courses with the great professionals of the discipline (animators in studios like DreamWorks or Pixar), from workshops at iAnimate to masters and courses in Madrid, London or San Francisco. Next to these lines you can see one of the few pictures that have been leaked of her.


CARLOS VINUESA is a “maths teacher” and magician, as well as an obsessive student of graphic design and typography. After several years of research in number theory and combinatorics, he decided to take the leap to full-time teaching and teaches mathematics in various high schools in the Community of Madrid. As for magic, he began studying books and as a student at the Gran Escuela de Magia “Ana Tamariz” (of which he is now a teacher) and soon became a member of the Círculo Mágico de Madrid (of which he was president from 2010 to 2012 and whose meetings he still attends every Monday). He has written —Cómo se hizo…, Recordando a Arturo, Monedas personales y más by Joaquín Navajas—, translated —Numbers, Cards… and Tıme!—, written prologues for —30 misterios con cartas by Charles T. Jordan— and revised (he is really picky!) —second volume of Las obras completas de Alex Elmsley or El arco iris mágico by Juan Tamariz— magic books, as well as articles and magazines, both on magic and mathematics. He has also given numerous talks on mathematics and magic for all kinds of audiences. In 2010 he was awarded the Ascanio “Magician of the Year“ Prize and in 2013 the Second National Card Magic Prize. His hair is a little on the short side.