Please think about it! Of course the bad guy’s horse is good. Why do you think he’s going so slow? Of course! So they can catch his owner... Welcome to our magic book publishing company. We work to create books to be proud of. We are experts in books and experts in magic, scholars of typography and design and passionate about the art of the impossible. We work with only the best to make the best books.

All our books are sold exclusively in our shop; you won’t find them anywhere else. As well as containing the best magic, they are cared for down to the last detail (no more pages that fall out, no more huge amounts of huge typos or designs and finishes of dubious taste).

We know, doing things right takes a long time... Well, the name of our publishing house is a statement of intent.

We are slow, we are good, we are El Caballo del Malo!


Ricardo Rodríguez pours his decades of experience as a performer and as a teacher to share reflections on fundamental points of artistic magic: the great masters and the reasons for their importance, the role of theories in magic and the comparison of some with others, the hierarchy of the different components of a magic trick, the genesis, creation and philosophy in magic... Whether you have been ten minutes —it is never too early!— or ten lustrums in magic —it’s never too late—, let Ricardo tell you the things he would have liked to know if he had to start all over again.

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